I was accused of writing revisionist history/My answer to him

October 21st, 2012

Re: Revisionist History from October 10, 2012




The Left has been living in a bubble (believing in a revisionist history) its whole existence. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan finally broke out of his bubble in the 1990s when the declassified Venona transcripts revealed 200 communists and dupes giving away our secrets to the USSR. He then apologized for decades of interfering with our anti-communist efforts. Today the Left is just as blind about the threat from the Nazi terrorist version of Islam. Obama has so convinced himself that he has destroyed al-Qaeda that he sacrificed one of our ambassadors and three of the ambassador’s staff in order to maintain the fantasy. Then he blamed it on a movie trailer from You Tube which almost no one had seen. The price of freedom is constant vigilance, but the Left is unwilling to pay the price. 


As for the economy, the greedy of both parties know how to make money no matter which way it’s going. The multitude of rabid Left-wing partisans afraid to come out of their bubbles give politicians like Clinton and Obama the courage to do their dirty deeds. I’ll not argue economics further with a liberal in a bubble while his heroes accuse Conservatives of waging war on women because we don’t want to pay for their birth control efforts. In the meantime, Islamic jihadists are mutilating and/or killing little Moslem girls for merely desiring to be educated and your heroes will not even call them terrorists. 



Vern Porter


Mercury in flu vaccinations...are you safe?

October 4th, 2012



by Dr. DicQuie Fuller-Looney ph. D., D.Sc., N.D.


The Dr. points out that “many seasonal flu vaccines contain a preservative called Thimerosal.” Thimerosal, according to the doctor, is 49% mercury. ‘Australia actually banned the flu shot for all children under the age of five after several children suffered adverse side effects, and one toddler even died.” Here in the USA, according to the doctor, “There are, apparently, a few million doses of ‘thimerosal-free’ vaccine; specifically reserved for pregnant women and infants.”


The doctor warns that many healthcare providers, practitioners and pharmacists have little knowledge about the dangers of thimerosal so don’t expect them to offer up the thimerosal-free option. 


Please go to the Nutricell.com Urgent Health Bulletin Blog and read the full article.


March 7th, 2010



First and foremost I write articles for my blog as a public service.  Someone may profit from it, but I receive only the satisfaction of having done a good deed.  I would ask one favor of you; please read the descriptions of my book, SOMEONE HAS TO PLUCK THE CHICKEN/SOMEONE GETS TO SOUND THE ALARM, and if it sounds like the kind of read someone you know would like, please tell them about it.  I have spent thousands of dollars trying to market my book with little success.  Anyone of importance who could give my book a little review can’t be bothered with reading a book by an unimportant author.  I even bought a half page ad in the January 14 New York Review of Books - that took a bundle out of my retirement funds.  I’m starting to think about looking for some company that would hire a broken down old fart as a night watchman.


Judging by the comments, some of you seem to like my efforts.  In the last four months at least a half dozen of my articles have had 10,000 to 15,000 hits each.  I get up to 1,100 hits per day.


Question #1.  Does someone else do the writing for you?


No.  Sometimes the articles flow smoothly with little need for editing.  Other times I take choppy notes from various sources then flesh them out in a process which may take several drafts.


Question #2.  How do I subscribe to (or hook up to) to your RSS Feed?


I don’t understand that question or similar questions which my kids and grandkids could probably answer.


Please accept my apologies for the rarity of my personal responses to comments and questions.  My strength does not allow me the pleasure of spending the time it would require to attempt communicating with each of you.


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Cholesterol, Global Warming, Islam, Liberal Jihad

October 17th, 2009

It is my firm belief that there is not “A” conspiracy to worry about.  There are many conspiracies.  The major motivations are greed and lust for power with obsessions based on self image, good or bad, sometimes playing a part.  All too often ignorance and superstition play major roles.  All factors are present in the health care conspiracies.  Please allow me to give you a couple of examples.  Seasonal hives were a long time affliction for me.  When I first experienced this distraction about twenty years ago a cortisone shot once a year for a couple of years gave me seasonal relief.  After that I used antihistamines occasionally.  Starting about fifteen years ago a progressive neuropathy and severe fatigue was causing me so much pain that I was ignoring the almost constant hives and the half inch wide welt under my belt all the way around my midriff.  Recently, an allergy specialist was unable to discover the cause of my hives.  I picked up a copy of Eat Right For Your Type and made the suggested changes for my blood type to my eating habits.  Within two or three weeks the hives and welts were gone.  Also, I found it easy to lose thirty five pounds within a few months.

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Synopsis of my new book and a brief biography / A local businessman bought 20 of my first book to give to friends. One of his friends liked it so well he read it five times./BUY THE BOOK FROM XLIBRIS

April 28th, 2009

SOMEONE HAS TO PLUCK THE CHICKEN/SOMEONE GETS TO SOUND THE ALARM is now available as an e-book for about 1/2 the price of the paper back. They are charging too much for the soft back and hard bound, but I'm trying to get them to lower the price. Drop by my house and I'll sell what I have left at a discount.




Let me take you back in time to simpler days when my fourth great grandfather ran around with Daniel Boone.

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